Mom & Dad in Mockfj Swedish flag - animated Dala Floda Kyrka

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Greeting from Sweden!
Sunset pictures from lake Tansen, Sweden. May 2000!

Pictures from Sweden, July 2002!

Pictures from Sweden, August 2003!

My pictures of the flood we had July 26, 2003 in Ontario, Oregon.

My class pages from Virtual University spring 2003

My class pages from Virtual University summer 2003

My class pages from Virtual University November 2003

My class pages from Virtual University Winter 2004


Hi!  My name is Gunilla Manell.  I come originally from Lidingö, Sweden.  That explains the Swedish flag at the top of the page.

Although I have become an American citizen, my heart beats for Sweden and the Swedish flag.   The picture to the left shows Mom & Dad in front of Härbret in Mockfjärd.  The other one to the right shows Dala-Floda Kyrka across Dalälven. My mom and Dad were married in that church, so it is kind of special.


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One of the purposes for this page is for family and friends to be able to see some of my pictures.
I also want to share some of my favorite links (These need to be updated or removed)
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