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On line Family History Training

Ancestral Quest Home
This is the place for my favorite genealogy software - Ancestral Quest. Click on the "Product" tab.
     They have a free demo that you can download! They also have links that may be worth investigating.

Genealogy Forms
You can find Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts and other forms in PDF format

Find out a little about me:

  My Personal Home Page

 My own Family Tree page.

Swedish Genealogy Links:

Sweden Genealogy Forum(bulletin board)

  Sweden Genealogy(post questions)

 Sweden Genealogy

 Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Sweden / Sverige

 Landsarkiven och andra enheter (Regional Archives)

 Swenson index - guidelines for Swedish-American Genealogy Research

  American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN

  Angel's Swedish Genealogy Links
      (This page has links to Swedish Bulletin boards and other Swedish Genealogy sites.)



Other Genealogy Links:

   FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service(FHC)
      The LDS sponsored search site.

   Genealogy - Home Page
     (On this page are many links to tutorials - How to get started on your family research -
      and links to other pages. A "MUST SEE" page.)

   Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
     (This is one of the first place to go to get clues and directions on where to search.) Home Page
     (This is one of the best places to explore.
    You can search your last names, and maybe get lucky and find someone that works
    on the same line. You can sign up for mailing lists and exchange messages with others.)

   USGenWeb - Project Home Page
     (From this page you can find links to all states and most counties in the United States.)

  Genealogy -- Ancestry Hometown (

   Social Security Death Index:

   Links to State Archives

   US census information

   Name Indexes:

   Place Indexes:

   The Calendar Zone -- Bringing Order to Calendrical Chaos! Try Reference calendars. They may be more related to Family History/Genealogy

    A Web of On-line Dictionaries

    USGS Mapping Information: GNIS Data Base Query Form
     (United States and Territories Data Base Query Form -
      You can find out which county, a town is in for example)

   United States Vital Records Information

   Angel's Genealogy Links

   Surname Site

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