NOTE: I have just re-posted my whole family tree. There may be some problems still with duplicate notes and duplicate sources in some instances, but I decided that if I am waiting for it all to be corrected, I'll be waiting "for ever".

I want to give credit to B. Zötterman, who has contributed a very large part of the Manell Family data base.

I am using AQ 11 to keep my database, but I am trying another program to generate the web pages from a gedcom file. It is called GedHTree.

    If you find anything of interest, and would like a copy of my gedcom file, I can e-mail you one in version 4.0 or 5.5.  My e-mail address

My family tree:
Manell - My Dad's line

Most of these people came from the area of Mockfjärd and Gagnef in Kopparbergs län, Sweden.
Lindström - My Mom's line

Most of these people came from the area of Uppsala län and Gävleborgs län, Sweden.

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