Notebook Week4

Building Tables

Links to helpful web sites
How to use border backgrounds
Design Ideas for HTML Tables
You can change color of the row
(doesn't show in my NS 4.7)
Table Tutor
Tables within a table Nesting Tables
And you can change the color of one cell
(doesn't show in NS 4.7)
I have noticed that the borders are colored differently in Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.7. Is there any way (in NS 4.7) to get the borders colored the same as the current table? I.e yellow borders in the yellow table?
Music on the web page
Answers to some questions
  • Do I enjoy music that I encounter on web pages? ... That depends on what kind of music it is. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't.
  • Music that is looping too many times or is too loud can become annoying. It is best in my opinion to display the player, so there is a choice of turning the music off.
  • The type of music ought to fit the content of the page somewhat.
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<bgsound src="byssan.mid">
Byssan Lull, a Swedish lullybye.
The downloaded midi was made to play it 3 times.
(Didn't know how to shorten it)