Pictures from my Sweden trip,
July 2002

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I went home to Sweden for a short visit during July 2002. I stayed with mom in Lidingö which is a suburb to Stockholm and also an island. I grew up in a house in Lidingö but now mom lives in a small retirement apartment.

I prefer the "country" to the city as you well can see from the pictures. I have a few from Stockholm when I spent a good part of the day doing some shopping and walking around.

Otherwise besides Lidingö my favorite places are in Dalarna. My dad came from this region. We spent almost a week in Mockfjärd, Dalarna, in what is now my brother's summer house. (Well, really, it consists of 3 small buildings. The main building (Härbret) has two floors, one room on each floor. Then there is a one room sleeping building (sovstuga) and another one room building, used for storage and a shower.

On the roof of Härbret is a metal post and a small metal flag/pennant. A replica is flown now-a-days, but I have a picture enclosed of the original.

We made an outing one of the first days and drove to Nusnäs, were the famous Dalahäst (Dala horse) is made. (or a link to another Dala horse maker.) I am posting a few pictures taken on the way there, and several from Nusnäs. The picture of the stuffed Brown bear was taken inside a store. Then on the way back we stopped at Dalhalla. That is a fantastic stage build in an open lime-stone quarry. Two pictures from the front/above the stage and another from behind it up on the rim/road going down.

One afternoon, my brother, mom and I drove up to Bastberget's Fäbodar. (Something like Chalets. In the past, someone from the farm, the wife or maid would stay up there all summer with the cows. The cows would roam the woods during the day, then they were called home at evening time for milking. The woman staying there would be making butter and cheeses etc. You can still sometimes see a few cows or some sheep around there)

Dad's ancestors come from this (Mockfjärd's) parish and a neighboring one, clear back to the end of 1600. And maybe longer. That's how far I have read records at this time. Each parish consisted of many little villages, and I had been to most of them. There was one that I had never before been to, so one afternoon we drove up there. It is situated up the side of a mountain (or good sized hill). People now use many of the little cottages as summer houses. this village is called Säl.

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