Navigate Deep Space with PSP 8

Week 4

Trying Scripts

The lesson script
recorded and run
Same script run interactively.
Gap 5; width 25;
Opacity 75; weave color 800080
Color changed in
the Script Editor
Managed to change the fill to a gradient.
I opened a script, from Conal, that used gradient fill,
and copied the code. (In the Script Editor)
Changed the gradient name
and set color fill to None. Voila'!!

Trying out Jasc Scripts

The original picture
Dot Method Full Image Drop Shadow Mosaic
Simple Caption Sloppy Edges Water Color

Create a script

Open a new image, add a raster layer, apply a tube of your choice to this layer.
Run the script.
The script will duplicate the layer (with the tube), and apply following effects
to the original tube layer: Motion blur and glass mosaic.
Then the copy of the tube layer will be resized to 85%. -- End of script. At this point you can add a name to make a sig.

Download my script. Should be safe to put in Trusted folder.

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