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PSP7 Picnic Basket 6: Anfy Filter Fun

Week 3 part 3

CFade Wizardless

This is an attempt to just work with a script without the Anfy wizard.
It is more difficult to make it work just right.
When I test this on my computer, the fade only cycles through once.
I believe it is supposed to go on indefinitely.

; Registration code (if you have it) ; Reglink opened in new frame? ; Name of new frame for reglink ; Image 1 to load ; Image 2 to load ; Image 3 to load ; Image 4 to load ; link 1 ; link 2 ; link 3 ; statusbar msg on image 1 ; statusbar msg on image 2 ; statusbar msg on image 3 ; resolution (1-8) ; speed of fade (1-255) ; pause (value = milliseconds). ; Progresive fading ("YES" or "NO") ; Optional image over applet ; Over image X offset ; Over image Y offset ; Memory deallocation delay ; Task priority (1..10) ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java ; Msg in no java browsers


Please download Java(tm).

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