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PSP8 week 1 button

My "first" button above.
Several "doodles" below trying a few different brush tips and settings.
All my doodles were resized. A couple of them cropped first then sized down 50%.
Doodle1 Doodle2 Doodle3
Doodle4 Doodle5
Here are my buttons... (plus the one at the top of the page)
The blue one to the right is saved as a jpg, because it made it smaller. It has a gradient background. A custom brush for the white flowers.
sig button 1 Kitty sig button 2
Fairy painting
To make this "painting", I used the preset "Aurora". Foreground flesh color, grey background. Then I found a custom brush that I had downloaded earlier, "Dizfairies002". The default large size and then I made the brush smaller for 3 more little ones. For the "frame" I used the custom brush, "Bead string", size 20, step 25, density 100 and opacity 66