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week 5

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More Vector Graphics - Pen Tool Drawing

Vector exercises
This is how my exercises turned out. These pretty much followed the lessons.
I didn't catch on how to "turn off" the outline, until several had been saved already
with black outline and all.
In case you cannot tell what the blue thing
in the bottom row is, I thought it looked like a pitcher.
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Introduction to Scripts

Rollie's Hall Pass Rollie's Hall Pass changed bevel
I ran Rollies script and got the Hall Pass to the left.
Then I ran it again and changed the inside bevel and that changed the color.
Candy Cane Sig
I worked up a script of my own to make this candy cane sig.
How could I make the script work to allow me to enter another name?
To just produce a bunch identical sigs seem kind of pointless.
Also tried to use scripts in the script list on PSP.
Most probably should be used after an image is open.
Is there any way to know how the script will behave before trying it?

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