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week 3

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I applied a brush stroke effect and saved it as a preset.
Under 3D effects Inner bevel I have saved a couple of presets.
One of them applied to the frame.
rose with brush stroke effect
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These patterns, I made as I was creating my TOE for this class
Leaves pattern Stripe pattern Leaves pattern Stripe pattern
The blue and yellow stripe was made specifically for this class and it started from the blue and yellow gradient I have below in the gradient section, the other three below were made the last month or so.
Blue and Yellow stripes Rose colored kaleidoscope Pink weave Yellow background
Download my patterns here
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I made the brushes that were presented in class, Swirl and artist. Then I used the same star as in Swirl but applied Effects/Distortions/ Polar coordinates to make the brush under "artist". I used different settings for rotation on it when making this image
If you are interested in my Polar coordinate star brush, you can download it here
I had a picture of a Blue Jay and I tubed it and made a brush out of it.
If you are interested in my Blue Jay brush, you can download it here
If you are interested in my Blue Jay tube, you can download it here
Display of brushes Brush and tube of Blue Jay
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I think I did have some trouble with saving the gradients. I believe I followed the instructions, but then discovered that the origianl gradient that I had used to edit, now looked like the new one I made. The one that got messed up is called: aspectrum.jgd. I must have downloaded it from somewhere, but I don't know where. Anyone else have the same problem? What am I doing wrong? One gradient I made is the orange yellow that I have for part of my back ground. Problem with it is that on that one I started from Foreground/Background, and when I looked at it later in PSP, it had picked up the current background color. ??? Hopefully, I have that fixed now it the two I am offering for download.
Leaves pattern Stripe pattern Leaves pattern Stripe pattern
Download my gradients here

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