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week 2

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Restoring Old Photos

Scratch Removal

Girl with scratches Before Girl with scratches After
Before After
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Lightening and Brightening

Girl  Before Girl After lightening and brightening
Before After
I am not sure if I got all the steps written down here, but this is what I have:
  • First I did Brightness/Contrast with Brightness set to 20 and Contrast to 15.
  • Then I did Color Balance/Auto Color Balance with Strength at 15, remove color cast checked and Temperature 6500.
  • Next I used Sharpen brush set at 50 to cover the whole face.
  • And last, Edge Preserve smooth with setting 3.
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Move an Element

Original animal picture After moving an animal up closer to the other.
This is how my attempt to move an animal turned out (to the right). The emboss tool has been applied to the background to tone down the glare. I did try some gamma correction and Hue saturation-lightness, but didn't care for the result. I did apply the sharpen brush to the animals.
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I did play some with colorizing a rose, but I am skipping the colorizing of sections of photos. I prefer photos in the original state, and to me it seems like a lot of busy work. But here are my roses:
Original rose Hue 0, Saturation 128 Hue 25, Saturation 225
Hue 10, saturation 50 For the first 3 I used Adjust/Hue and Saturation/Colorize.
For the last one I did Adjust/Color Balance/Red-Blue-Green. The settings are written on each rose
Red 31, Green -3, Blue -91

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